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OH OH! Unsupervised with left over fabric?

We might make a pillow! The customer has to decide what to do with it!



Our Custom Curtains accommodate Top & Bottom curtain rods & other hardware

Our Curtain Tie Backs include male & female Snap hardware

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Order any design you'd like us to Hand Paint on your Closet Curtain Panel.

Our products endure hot & cold harsh of weather

Surfer Customer Really Loved this fabric!

Sent to us to make curtains


This is a Bay Window Walk Thru Privacy Curtain   

Snaps to the Ceiling Behind Cab

Split Panels include Tie Backs

Includes Male & Female Snap hardware

Curtain Rod Access at Top & Bottom of Curtains


Unsupervised with Your left over fabric may cause unsightly results!

Bay Window Slider Door Curtain Rod Hooks are Available 

Some Camper types use only snaps

Do you know what company made your Camper?

Send us photos of your curtain set up &
hardware if you're not sure

Customer selected and purchased Fabric & sent it to Threads to Treads

Walk Through, Split, Privacy Curtain 

Snaps on and off

Make sure you buy enough fabric if you want your curtains to look the same on both sides

This is a Riviera Camper

Slider door has a snap on curtain panel

Camper windows with single panel curtains & tie backs

Snapped on the bottom instead of 2 curtain rods

It's a Riviera Camper!


Makin Door Panels at the Sweat Shop!

Waiting for the glue to dry using blue masking tape

Custom Curtains with Matching Custom Painted Ceiling by
                             Threads To Treads 

                  Our Model & Good Friend, "Anwen" 
The Coolest little "Westy" - Diggin' her Extremely Cool Westy!

Don't have a
Pop Top Westy or wooden ceiling?

We would Love to paint your ceiling

Contact us and we'll send you our curtain price list

We highly recommend you purchase your own fabric and send it to us.

To avoid fading within one year, make sure you purchase high quality Outdoor UV Rated Fabrics. 

Sunbrella brand offers a 5 year fade resistant guarantee.  Other equally rated fabrics are available, including newer brands who claim to have a better rating.  Contact us for details.

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      We Love our Customers!  We Love our Friends!