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All About the Sweat Shop!

Sparklene, The Sweat Shop Queen!

The CarArtists at Sparky's Threads To Treads are dedicated to ending the unsightly, bare, dirty, cracked, mounted spare tires, by covering each and every one we see with one of our, one of a kind, you pick your own design, Custom Spare Tire "ART" Cover.

Check out how talented and creative our customers are!  Each Tire Cover posted on this site were the creations of and from the imaginations of, our talented customers!

We make those ideas manifest onto the spare tire cover you want on your cool ride.

Our Artist


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Add some ART to your sled. 

No need to be just another cog in the wheel. 

Sport your business logo, favorite team, sporting event or anything else you can dream up.

Here at Sparky's Threads To Treads, it's all about YOU!

A Peek Inside our Shop at Sparky's Threads To Treads


Threads To Treads Tire Cover Art at Sparky's